8 Tips to Take Care of Android Batteries to Stay Awake

Technology news – It’s no secret that the dilemma faced by most Android smartphone users in Indonesia in addition to getting quality poker online terpercaya features, but they must accept the fact that their smartphones can not last long in terms of batteries.

Android Smartphones consume batteries very greedily so that the smartphone usage can not last long. You want to know tips and tricks to keep the smartphone battery does not run out quickly? Join the following points yes:


1. Keep Your Smartphone Brightness Low

Maybe already many people know yes that by reducing the intensity of light generated by the smartphone screen, then you also reduce battery consumption significantly. For information, the screen is a component of the smartphone that consumes the largest battery compared to other components.


2. Disconnect GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Other Unused Connections

If you are not on the way, turning off the GPS feature is the right choice, and if you are not using Bluetooth and other features, turning it off is also an action that can increase battery life. Features like GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi are features that will always look for signals and devices that are enough to increase the load from your battery.


3. Use Sync Features Exactly

The Sync feature on Android does not have to be on forever, because it’s a feature we do not think needs regular activity. Turn on Sync only when you are charging it yes to keep your barium durable.


4. Use WiFi Compared Package Data

Using WiFi will reduce your dizziness to battery speed is reduced, because by using WiFi, the internet signal search activity performed by smartphonemu will also be turned off automatically so that the battery remains durable.


5. Lock Your Smartphon When Not Used

In addition to turn off the screen, locking your smartphone also makes the system is in Sleep condition so that the consumption of used batteries were less. But you should note also with applications that use Wakelock facility, because it can drain your babiimu even when Sleep. To get to know what Wakelock is


6. Always Turn Off Unused Apps

After using an application, do not forget to turn it off so as to avoid excessive data consumption and save your batera.


7. Keep Your Smartphonemu From Extreme Temperatures

Your smartphone battery will not survive optimally if you are in an environment that is too hot or too cold. Therefore keep your smartphone in the environment with the room temperature yes.


8. The Savior’s Power Bank

This is still the most widely used solution by smatphone users today. Yes, Power Bank. If the smartphone runs out of battery in the middle of the road, just plug it into Power Bank deh.

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