Binning Explanation, How to Choose the Best CPU and GPU and RAM

Technology news РThe most important PC or laptop component, CPU and GPU and RAM. These three components of agen judi bola are the ones that most determine their performance. In fact, these three components can be the most expensive in a computer system.

To choose the best CPU and GPU and RAM, there are ways and processes. The way and process is commonly called binning. What kind of binning process? See more binning related explanations!


Binning CPU and GPU Explanations

Launched by Techquickie’s video. Like making a cookie. No matter how hard you try to make it the same, it must be different from each other. The concept of binning on CPU and GPU chips and RAM is the same as that. Once the CPU and GPU and RAM chips are finished, the chips will undergo trial trials. These tests start from their performance, power management, stability, and others.

If the result passes, it will usually be sold as a high-end product. High end product such as Intel Core i7 and GTX 1080TI.

If the result fails, it will usually be sold as a mid-end or even low-end product. Examples of products such as Intel Core i3 or GTX 1050TI.

If you pay attention to Jaka’s explanation, it is possible that the chips used by Intel Core i3 and i7 could be the same. This is true. Say when the quad core i7 manufacturing process, there is one core that failed. So Intel can turn off one more core, then sell it as a dual core i3. Another interesting question, whether we can use the core is turned off? Will Intel Core i3 be i5?

Formerly this can be done, but only on certain products. With through firmware updates and the like. But in outline, it can not be done. Because the hardware is not capable and the manufacturing has also been physically deadly.


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