How to Install SIM and Micro SD Card Simultaneously on Hybrid Slot Smartphone

Technology news – Choose a dual SIM or SIM with Micro SD? That’s roughly what’s in the minds of domino online¬†smartphone users with hybrid slot. Yes, instead of pressing the budget of making Android smartphones according to the vendor, it often creates consumer hassles where they have to sacrifice one of two Sim Card or one with Micro SD.

But calmly, this Rat Way will share How to Install SIM and Micro SD Card Simultaneously On Smartphone Hybrid Slot. There are two ways you can apply to your Android smartphone. Review the reviews below.


1. Using Converter

Previously you have to prepare a SIM Card converter that you can buy at the spare-phone store or you can find in your favorite pet shop with prices ranging from 20 – 50 thousand rupiah. Also prepare a colored softcase.


– First insert two micro sized SIM Card into the converter.


– Insert one SIM card and Micro SD into the SIM tray available on your smartphone.


– When going to insert the SIM Tray into the slot, insert also the end of the converter that shaped the Nano SIM on the bottom of the micro SD or adjust the shape of your SIM Tray.


– Insert the SIM tray along with a partial converter and let the other end teaspit the SIM slot.

– Check if SIM and Micro SD cards are running simultaneously.



– If it is, close the smartphone with softcase, as well as hide some of the converter that is hanging out.

That’s how to Install SIM Card and Micro SD Simultaneously On Smartphone Slot Hybrid. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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