How to Take Care of Non-Removable Battery Smartphone

Technology news – Who in this world does not have a smartphone? With a relatively more affordable price, almost everyone has a smarttphone and can operate it. However, most just know how dewapoker use it without knowing how to care for a smarttphone worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

Moreover, smarttphone users with battery plant model. Certainly requires extra care. Therefore, on this occasion Jaka will provide information on how to care for smarttphone type of planting battery or non-removable battery.


1. Often Playing Games on Smartphones

Do not often use a smarttphone to play games. Because the game directly affects the battery power of the smartphone. Moreover, many users who play games simultaneously while simultaneously charging the battery.


2. Charge Battery Every Day

Secondly, do not over charge the battery every day. Keep one day only one time only charge. Because the battery power of this type of smartphone is equipped with a large battery capacity. If in a day charging the smartphone as much as 3 times or more, then the power of the battery will be reduced quickly and the battery will not last long.


3. Allowing WiFi On

Third, if you are not using the internet, try to turn off WiFi or mobile data on your smarttphone. Leaving WiFi or cellular data active will cause the smarttphone to work continuously.


4. GPS Aktif Terus-Menerus

Fourth, this is the problem that often causes the smarttphone battery runs out quickly. What else instead of letting the GPS run continuously without being used. It’s good GPS you activate only when it will be needed only.


5. Use Third App

Fifth, you can use third party applications to make your smarttphone battery durable, which is like using Battery Callibration which according to Jaka is very helpful in saving battery power. This application will run optimally if your smarttphone is in the root state.

Well, that’s how to take care of smarttphones with non-removable batteries or battery planting. May be useful for you smarttphone users with battery planting yes.

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