It’s The Difference Of Intel Core i7 Processor and Intel Xeon

Technology news – To get maximum performance, the most important component of the computer needs to be noticed there is a processor. In the intel brand, the best choice of rajapoker from the processor there are two types. This type is Intel Core i7 or Intel Xeon.

In product line, actually both are clearly different. Intell Core i7 is aimed at enthusiast class users while Intell Xeon is aimed at servers. But what is the difference between Intell Core i7 processor and Intell Xeon in details?

Launched by LatestHackingNews. In order for you to know the difference between Intell Core i7 and Intell Xeon processors, Jaka will tell you the advantages of each of those processors. Where indeed the outline, both processors are designed for two different needs


Advantages of Intel Core i7 Processor

  • Potential Overclock: On Intel Core i7, there is a processor with the suffix “K”. This means that the processor has an unlocked multiplier, enabling a much more overclocked potential. Unlike the Intell Xeon, the whole processor is locked multiplier. Can only be overclocked through BCLK, so the result is not maximal.
  • Price to Perfomance: If you compare the price between Intell Core i7 and Intell Xeon, the difference is very far away. Making comparisons between price and performance much more efficient Intell Core i7.
  • On-Board Graphic: Almost all Intell Core i7 processors are all equipped with iGPU called Intell HD. Unlike the Intell Xeon which no one processor that has iGPU. So if you use Intell Xeon, then you must use additional GPU.


Advantages of Intel Xeon Processors

L3 Large Cache: One of the most obvious advantages of Intell Xeon, the difference in L3 cache. Where L3 cache is the memory between processor and RAM. It’s the same as RAM, only L3 cache has a much higher speed, this makes the processor able to respond to routine commands much faster.

Supports ECC RAM: ECC itself stands for Error-correcting code memory. Which means, RAM used on Intell Xeon has the ability to correct common corrupted data.

Quad Channel: Unlike the Intell Core i7 which generally only supports dual channel, on Intell Xeon, RAM can work much faster again, because it uses all the quad channel configuration.

More Core: Each Intell Xeon processor, generally has a much larger number of cores than Intell Core i7. Where even there are up to have 14 cores, while Intell Core i7 most new 10 cores.

Longer Life: Because it’s designed for servers, the quality of Intell Xeon processor endurance is generally much more resilient than Intell Core i7.


When viewed in price, it is generally Intell Xeon is much more expensive than Intell Core i7. So reasonable if in case Intell Xeon has far more advantages than Intell Core i7. Share your opinion regarding the difference between Intell Core i7 processor and Intel Xeon yes! thanks.

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