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How to Install SIM and Micro SD Card Simultaneously on Hybrid Slot Smartphone

Choose a dual SIM or SIM with Micro SD? That's roughly what's in the minds of domino online smartphone users with hybrid slot

Technology news – Choose a dual SIM or SIM with Micro SD? That’s roughly what’s in the minds of domino online¬†smartphone users with hybrid slot. Yes, instead of pressing the budget of making Android smartphones according to the vendor, it often creates consumer hassles where they have to sacrifice one of two Sim Card or one with Micro SD. But… Read more »

How to Take Care of Non-Removable Battery Smartphone

Technology news – Who in this world does not have a smartphone? With a relatively more affordable price, almost everyone has a smarttphone and can operate it. However, most just know how dewapoker use it without knowing how to care for a smarttphone worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Moreover, smarttphone users with battery plant model. Certainly requires… Read more »